MindSpasm Beta Has Been Released!

•May 9, 2009 • Leave a Comment

MindSpasm.net is now fully functional and in Beta Stages!

MindSpasm.net allows you to create cartoon characters and webcomics of up to 60 panels in just minutes! Have you ever wanted to be a cartoonist, comic artist, or even have your own webcomic? Well now you can! With MindSpasm.net’s easy to use Character creator you can create yourself or anyone you know in cartoon form. MindSpasm.net’s cartoon character creation tool allows for wacky and zany combinations which will allow you to create a huge variety of characters. Once your characters are built you can import them into the MindSpasm.net Web Comic creator! In the Comic Creator you can utilize up to 60 panels of comic goodness filled with props, effects, text bubbles, background, characters, and fun! If webcomics are of any interest to you then MindSpasm.net is the place to be!


What, still no update?

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Yes Yes I know it still hasn’t changed. I promise I’m almost done, and here’s to hoping I’m better at programming then keeping promises!

New version will roll out on January 31st

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Thats right, as said before, this will be a completely new version.  Everything has been rehauled, and rethought from the beginning.

I think this version is 100x better than the version available now, so keep a look out!

New Version Just About Finished

•November 7, 2008 • Leave a Comment

The new version of the comicmaker will soon roll out….HOORAY!  It is much improved with a completely rehauled user interface, all characters will now be posable, the comic maker has branched to become a seperate character maker and comic maker now.  Look for the release in the next few weeks….things are changing; but as always, for the better.

Flash CS4 – IK, BONES!, Inverse Kinematics!

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Wow.  Well I actually had an IK implementation I was about to place into the comic maker, now that the new flash is out I’ll have to look into how the new IK classes work and see if things can be incorpated into my current model.  Hoping they can, because I watched a few of the animation videos, and it looks pretty darn sweet. Characters with MANY different variations, that are posable, and can take 3d transformations sounds pretty darn sweet to me!.   Stay tuned.

Change In Direction

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The new web design is on its way, and the user interface of the actual flash portion is getting a major overhaul.  Not so much giving up and changing direction, but doing something that needed to be done long ago.

New Wings in the comic maker

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New Wings

New Wings, enjoy!